PONTO POR PONTO was born as a Tour Operator in Portugal, in order to create and develop the cultural and thematic tourism.


Literature, templarism, judaism, islamism, archaeology, vernacular architecture, are examples of some thematic areas within which we work.


Share ancient routes and old paths, communicate with different people, strong traditions and ancient cultures, is our motto.


We are bespoke tailors and we love to accept new challenges.



The Cultural Tourism or Touring is responsible for 30% of the traveller’s motivations in Portugal.

It is considered the most important factor of preservation and enhancement of cultural and heritage identity of a people.


Some of our products:


Jewish Heritage

Encontro com a Ribeira Sacra

By the trails of Santiago

Route of Writers

Route of Templars

Arquitetura Popular do Barroso

Douro Valley

Wines Through a Magnifying Glass



In a country full of ancient cultural traditions, we are masters in attractions related with

a leisure strongly supported by experiments and experiences.

Even though very often the theme of the program force us to leave Portugal and visit the border area of Spain we have created some products based on living cultures of host communities:


Grape Harvest in Douro Valley

Schucking Corn In The Minho

Cogumelos, Castanhas e Vinho

São Martinho no Alto Tâmega

Rota do Azeite Transmontano

Tradição Marinheira

Entre Fortificações y Poblados de Frontera

Carnaval Luso-Galaico

Entre o Douro y el Duero



We have programs specially arranged and adapted to meet the needs and comfort of families with children.
While some parents seek for rest and relaxation, children want adventure and many activities during all day.
The best family vacations are those where we nd activities and entertainment options for all ages and expectations.

Some dedicated programs:


Walking with a Shepherd

Let's make Bread

Smuggling Paths

Wines, Vineyards & Ca
The Gold Revival
Wines with Soul
Schucking Corn In The Minho

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Service available to customize our products and programs to your needs, building unique and exclusive programs.
For your vacations, a weekend or just a relaxed day, either alone or accompanied, or as a group, transform your vacation in a sum of memorable and unique moments.
Add to the experiences that we will provide you based on a popular and genuine livingness, the authenticity of the Portuguese gastronomy and its excellent wines.

We are here to help you.


With sympathy and competence.

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